Game of Rhônes

Game of Rhônes

This August, Josh and Florence hosted their first ever (hopefully first of many) Game of Rhônes wine night at Vera Wine Forum. 

The idea for the event was formed when Florence discovered Josh had made some bold late-night wine purchases. A stash of Rhône Valley reds from the 1990's. A mish mash collection of single bottles of aged wines which are a bit of a risk to pop on the shelf in-store.

So naturally, the theme revealed itself - let's open all of them together and see just how well these wines age. We threw in a smattering of whites in for good measure as well. The wines opened can be seen below.

The intimate event of 12 guests started with Kir Royales before moving to the long table for Fondue, catered by Pork Ewe Deli. Wines were poured in brackets of 4, 4 and 2 before we voted on the best-in-show. 

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Game of Rhones Wine Night

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