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How to Make a Vodka Watermelon

Clearly the most important life skill you need to know as an adult.

For this exercise, you will require the following things:

1. One delicious whole watermelon

2. One bottle of vodka*

3. A funnel

4. A big cork (from last night's Champagne will be perfect)

5. Big sharp knife 

6. A chopstick or long bar spoon

 *We use East Coast Distillery Vodka, which you can purchase here.

The method:

Step 1. Cut a small, circular hole in the side of your watermelon. Big enough to just fit the cork in.

Step 2. Using the chopstick or long bar spoon, dig into the watermelon flesh so that there is a channel for the vodka to seep down into.

Step 3. Stick the funnel in the hole and pour a small amount of vodka in. 

Step 4. Pour in half the bottle of vodka, making sure it is being absorbed and so you don't spill it everywhere.

Step 5. Plug the hole with the cork and refrigerate overnight.

Step 6. Repeat Step 4 and 5

Step 7. Slice your Melone! If you are feeling fancy, you can scoop out the flesh, freeze it, and have boozy watermelon sorbet for dessert. 

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