Wine Registries: How to Build your Cellar like a Pro

Wine Registries: How to Build your Cellar like a Pro

Did you ever get a wedding gift you really didn’t like? Or was completely useless? Or perhaps it just wasn’t your taste? There has been a direct link on newly wedded couples and a surge of unwanted kitchen appliances and ugly towels (not proven). We have a simple solution to this…wine registry! Let me take you on a journey outlining why traditional wedding registries are out in 2024 and wine registries are in!

Wedding registries have been tradition for ever, well since 1924 when it was created by Marshall Fields. Although, it was the 1950s when wedding registries really took off and couples could request home goods for when they moved into their first home together. This was of course, a period in which young couples were going from living in their family homes to transitioning into homes as newly married couples.

So, we’ve all seen those American movies where the newly engaged couple goes into a Macy’s (or David Jones if you’re in Australia) and scans every useless item in sight in hopes of the wedding guests to fork it out and buy a kitchen appliance that will never see the light of day. 

Or, if you don’t have a registry, you usually just end up with stuff you don’t need and will never use! Studies have shown couples are getting married later in life. Specifically, the average age to get hitched these days is 28-30 years old compared to the 1950s when it was 20-23 years old. By this age, most people are currently living with their significant other and have already accumulated the necessary home goods to lead a (married) life.

So, we know that studies have shown consumer behaviours have drastically changed over the years, which means so has the basic wedding registry and the ideas around it. This is the perfect trick for getting out of receiving those hideous towels and China sets. Buy wine instead!

There are other established registry alternatives on the market right now. These include gift cards, gifting money for the couple to use on their honeymoon, as well as experiences, and of course, flat out cash money.

We think having a wine registry is much better than the alternatives above because, It’s completely customisable, i.e no shit wine. You can work with a professional in your local wine shop (like us!). You’re not only supporting your favourite small local bottle shop, but also smaller grower producers across Australia and beyond. Starting a wine registry enables you to broaden your palate and try new things, not to mention you can add super rare and unique wines to the list! Here’s to having a wine for every milestone!


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