Winter Solstice Party - Wines of the Jura

Winter Solstice Party - Wines of the Jura

This Winter Solstice, 22nd June 2023, Vera are collaborating with local restaurant HUMBUG, to bring you the ultimate dinner party. We are taking over the venue for the evening and transporting everyone to the Jura wine region. This is one of Vera's and HUMBUG's favourite wine regions, with such unique styles that really buck the trend (reds are lighter than the whites, for example). There will be a one-off 5 course Alpine feast curated by Mike from HUMBUG for this occasion, based on traditional dishes of the region.

The menu is paired to a litany of rare and special wines from the region. Starting with Cremant du Jura, we will taste through lean and topped up Chardonnay and Savagnin, moving into lighter and savoury reds (Trousseau and Poulsard) into opulent sous-voile whites, including Vin Jaune, and finishing with MacVin du Jura Chardonnay. In addition to the wines selected for the pairing, there will be a few super rare bottles available by the glass for those wanting a truly once in a lifetime tasting experience. 

All of the wines featured are usually only available via our Allocation Only list and are sold in incredibly small quantities due to the scarcity of production compounded by the growing interest and demand for the wines. For those interested, simply search for Jura on our website to see what is currently in stock or available for pre-order. 

Both Vera and HUMBUG are super excited for this event, and it is sure to be a crazy decadent evening. Run, don't walk!

UPDATE: this event has now sold out. Make sure to subscribe to our email list to be the first to know of upcoming events!

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