Grada Coffee + Spirit - Vera Wine

From the Worksmith group who have brought you Stella coffee and Homegrown cocktails, introducing GRADA. A world first, world class product that is so streamlined, it is revolutionising the way you can make coffee cocktails. Grada is a naturally processed single-farm coffee, fortified with Australian grain spirit. It's that simple.

Grada Coffee + Spirit can deliver unique flavour profiles and complex aromatics lead by terroir, variety and process, leaving pedestrian coffee liquors in its dust.
Shaken over ice—with nothing added—results in a perfect Espresso Martini, one that highlights the inherent character of the coffee and holds a tight balance between sweetness, bitterness, aromatics and a faint savoury saltiness.

There is a world beyond the espresso martini though too. It replaces workaday coffee liqueurs – often based on average quality beans, additional flavours and intense sweetness – wherever a cocktail calls for coffee; from aromatic Coffee
Negroni's to hot Irish Coffees. By itself though, with a cube of ice, might be when
it’s at its best.

Check out our Blog post here for Grada recipes created by talented Grada/Stella/Homegrown team.