Pooley Wines 2022

Anna Pooley - Pooley Wines

Pooley Wines are rooted in humble beginnings when Denis and Margaret Pooley planted vines on the banks of the Coal River, Tasmania in 1985. Originally a retirement plan of a mere 17 rows, Pooley Wines has flourished into Australia’s most outstanding and recognisable cool-climate producers.

Pooley is Tasmania's first third generation wine family, and Anna Pooley is at the helm. Anna is recognised as one of Australia’s leading cool-climate specialists aiming to ‘keep it simple, and really keep the winemaking to what’s absolutely required so that what you get in the vineyard is what you see in the glass.’

At Vera, we absolutely love Pooley. Which is why we are honoured to offer such a wonderful collection to our customers. This year we are offering:

Pooley 'Cooinda Vale' Chardonnay 2022
Pooley 'Butcher's Hill' Chardonnay 2022
Pooley 'Cooinda Vale' Pinot Noir 2022