Collection: Herve Souhaut

One of the few things I remember from high school French lessons was 'hyper chouette" - very cool. That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Hervé Souhaut. The wines are interesting, different, unique but absolutely delicious and in no way weird. The year I was first introduced to the producer, a long time ago, I bought a bottle of La Souteronne and was shocked and amazed. How could Gamay from the Rhone be so good??? It would please Pinot and Syrah drinkers alike. A serious wine, and seriously good.

Since then, the opportunity to try some of the Syrah's came up and that is an equally fascinating experience. These are biodynamic, minimal intervention wines but they are structurally on point. Fresh as a daisy. Lovely and exotic. The Syrah is from old vines and gives complex dark berry fruits with spice and pepper. The Sainte Epine cuvée is the flagship wine, coming from the incredibly low yielding old vines in Saint Joseph with more structured tannins, red and black fruits layered with mineral and graphite notes. 

Like several other producers we support, this is the new guard, the new wave of Rhone Valley. It's a brave new world! Individual products can be found by clicking on the individual products.