Collection: Ochota Barrels

A few weeks back we popped up a post on Instagram about Florence and my incredible SA trip back in 2017 where Josh told the story about Tom Shobbrook giving us a few phone numbers of local winemakers to go and visit. Thankfully one of those was the number of the late Taras Ochota. 

Taras’ wines were some of our favourites and to say we were nervous about messaging him to ask if we could come into his home was an understatement. Taras messaged back almost instantaneously with an “Absolutely! Steep and rocky driveway, but come on over! We can open some bottles”. We were ecstatic. Taras was both generous with his time and his wine. He shared some incredible stories including Josh' favourite of the trip: just like us, Mick Jagger turned up out of the blue and spent the day with Taras and Amber. He spoke of them drinking wine and Mick playing their family piano and having singalongs in their living room.

These moments spent with Taras was a pivotal moment in our journey in wine. His passion and glowing love for the industry was incredibly inspiring. He cared so much for not only his wines but for other people. He was truly one of the best. After Taras’ passing in 2020, the wines have gone from strength to strength. Amber has continued to produce absolutely gorgeous wines and we are so thankful for that. We found this quote on their website that completely encompasses everything that their wines are all about, “Basically, we just want to produce something delicious and gorgeous for all of us to enjoy with none of the nasties and more of the love. Xx”

Below are the wines available from this Spring release. These will be open for tasting this Friday the 1st from 4:30pm-7pm for those wanting to try before they buy.

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