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The elusive and rare wines of Sami Odi have piqued curiosity for over a decade.

The cult Barossa producer and former Young Gun of Wine has managed to make Barossa Shiraz like nothing anyone has ever seen before.

Working with pristine, organically farmed old vines, Fraser McKinley employs extremely gentle handling in the winery, using all whole bunches and no additions (bar a smidge of SO2). His ethos might be considered minimal intervention but he doesn't need that label for marketing.

He isn't afraid of blending vineyards, barrels, or vintages, in order to release a wine drinking harmoniously - a concept somewhat left of centre outside of sparkling wine but makes so much sense. The Multi-Vintage (MV) blends which are now synonymous with Sami Odi are proving that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. His wines are beautiful.

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