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Lofi Mixed Dozen

Lofi Mixed Dozen

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A monthly rotating selection of minimal intervention wines. They come in all shades and grapes. 

All our mixed packs are available as a one-off purchase or on a flexible rolling subscription.

The June pack includes a couple of sparklings, skinsy/fleshy whites, rosés and chillable reds.

  • Natural Order Wine 'Lake of Stars' Pet Nat 2023
  • Sabi Wabi 'Sugi' Semillon 2023
  • Jean Bouteille 'Machina' Tempranillo 2023
  • Defialy Controlled Chaos Grenache 2023
  • Fin Wines 'Dandelions & Bumblebees' 2023
  • Orbis Wines Dry Red 2022
  • Future Days Red 2022
  • Future Days White 2023
  • Thistledown Gorgeous Grenache Rose 2022
  • Konpira Maru Pinot Noir 2023
  • Defialy The Orange Rose of the Rodeo 2023
  • Guerrieri Rizzardi Prosecco NV
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