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MoVida Guindilla Peppers 370ml

MoVida Guindilla Peppers 370ml

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Guindillas are found on every tapas menu and in nearly every kitchen larder throughout the Basque Country. The young peppers are smooth and bright green, with a beautiful sweet flavour and cleansing acidity. As they age, the Guindillas become flatter, begin to wrinkle and acquire a spicy heat.

These MoVida Guindillas are from Agina Eusko, whom specialise in producing the youngest and sweetest peppers. They make a wonderful snack or accompaniment to cured meat, tinned seafood or anything salty: the fresh pepper flavour and zinging pickle acid cleanse the palate.

Guindillas are also used in many of the traditional Basque cider houses where they’re scattered over chargrilled steaks to provide relief from the intense flavour of local aged beef.

No trip to San Sebastián would be complete without eating one’s weight in Guindillas.

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