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In-Store Tasting

In-Store Tasting

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Each week, we host a tasting at our Beaumont Street store featuring a producer, a region or style of wine. Sometimes we mix it up with cocktails or beers too!

To keep up to date with the latest tastings and events, make sure to subscribe to our email list and follow us on socials @verawineshop and @verawineforum.

In 2024 we are doing things a bit differently so that we can offer tastings and events at the times that work for YOU! This year, Saturday Tastings will run from 2-4pm at our Hamilton Shop. These will continue to be FREE unless otherwise advertised. 



03.02 Provenance 'Golden Plains' Tasting with Eloise from Wine Stock

10.02 Austrian Masterclass with Florence from Vera

16.02 Aurum Honey Mead with head Meadmaker Louis Costa

17.02 Days and Daze Tasting - Try the wines offered in our Wedding Packages with Josh from Vera

24.02 Pride of Lunatics Tasting with Elliott & Jackie Paradoxa


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