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Yurrita Cantabrian Anchovies MSC Certified 50g

Yurrita Cantabrian Anchovies MSC Certified 50g

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There are endless uses for high quality Cantabrian Anchovies. 

From the trendy Gilda, to the humble 'chove on toast, or the sauce of a pasta or a salad. It's always been a pantry staple of ours, and so too does it grace the Deli Treats section of Vera.

Yurrita is a 150 year old family business based in the working port of Mutriko on the Basque coast. Small Cantabrian Anchovies are harvested in the Bay of Biscay and landed while still fresh. The best fish of the catch are trucked to the factory a few kilometres away. The anchovies are then cleaned and salted for almost a year. Then they are hand filleted, hand packed in olive oil and canned. Yurrita is the only brand offering Marine Stewardship Council certified anchovies, something which means a lot to the true lover of sustainable seafood. This is the brand that Basques love to eat.

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