Collection: Lo-Fi Wine Packs

What could be better than a box of wine that magically appears on your doorstep every month?! Absolutely nothing.

Keep your fridge, cellar, pantry and bench top fully stocked and dinner party ready! Our monthly-changing wine packs provide the perfect option for people who like good wine and are happy to let the folks at Vera choose it for them.

The lo-fi packs feature wines from Australia and beyond, and come packed with tasting notes so that you know exactly what you're drinking.

In the lo-fi packs there is always some Pét Nat, skinsy whites, rosé, and chillable red so that you have all bases covered. We support sustainable producers across the board at Vera - the big difference between these and the standard Mix Packs is more eccentric styles and experimental winemaking.

All you have to decide is:

1. How many bottles (3, 6 or 12)

2. How often you'd like a delivery (just once or every 1, 3 or 6 months)